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MANY HAPPY MEMORIES OF THE EXAMPLES WHICH "ROY and DALE" set for our generation. IT SEEMS SO APPROPRIATE that an eventual "CA High-speed Rail" leg shall begin at Apple Valley (in the San Bernardino County, CA) eventually to Las Vegas (in Southern Clark County, NV)!!
Sparks, NV USA - 12/29/10 at 20:06:17 (EST)

Roy & Dale Trigger & Bullet and Nellie Belle if you were only here today in this messed up world things may be better. You have been my Hero as a Deputy Sheriff,Deputy Coroner and a father, may God Bless you both richly in Heaven and some day hope to meet you again. May God Bless Harold Etter - Chambersburg Pa 11/10/2010
Harold Etter
Chambersburg, PA USA - 12/10/10 at 09:45:30 (EST)

Thanks for the memories
H.Brooks Ryder
Williamsburg, MA USA - 11/27/10 at 21:18:01 (EST)

On this Nov. 5, 2010, I want to wish Roy aHappy Birthday! He is 99 yrs. old. Love you and Dale forever
Janet Hooper
Elyria, OH USA - 11/05/10 at 10:13:15 (EST)

Happy Trails to all ! Happy Holiday season to come . We are entering the Most Precious and Blessed time of the year I Know Roy and Dale and the Rogers Family Loved Thanksgiving and Christmas time , My Favorite songs are still Happy trails to you and Roy"s version of Rudolph the red nose Reigndeer , I Want to wish all the Roy rogers family and Friend and The trigger and Bullet Lovers a Doubly Blessed Cowboy christmas , Hug and Kiss and Pray your children to Sleep and Kiss all your Horses and Critters You know Roy and Dale and The Trigger and Bullet we all love will be Smilin on you! Have HAPPY TRAILS And MAY THE GOOD LORD TKE A LIKIN TO YOU ! Best of Holiday wishes , Michael James Cadwell
Michael J. Cadwell
FL, USA - 11/03/10 at 00:11:14 (EST)

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans have been my western heroes since childhood, I'll never forget them. I still watch their movies.
Athea Preston-Snipes
Savannah, GA USA - 09/10/10 at 05:46:06 (EST)

Just Givin Ya'll A Holla ! Keepin all You Cowgirls And Cowboys in our Prayers and Hearts , Wishing Happy Trails to you ,Michael
Michael J. Cadwell
Holiday, FL USA - 08/20/10 at 12:32:55 (EST)

God Bless all ; I Am President and Top Hand At Royal Majestic Highlander Ranch and Farm Rescues , I Was Blessed By Being At the Viewing stands at Mardi Gras in New orleans Louisiana in the 1960's and My Unccles Were on Roy's Security Detail For The Parades and Also For Some Roy Rogers RoastBeef Restaurants ,as well as guarding Trigger and Trigger jr. I Got to Pet And Hugg them Both and as well Meet Roy and See How well The Trigger horses Really Reacted in Public and Loved Performing for the Children . Roy and Dale and Trigger and Terigger Jr. And Bullet will always Live in My Heart and My Dreams as well as in Lveing Memory , If We all Could Live For Ever I Pray and Wish Roy and Dale and the Triggers and Buttermilk Could , I Love them all so Much As well as all of the Family ,Happy Trails to Ya'll With Love and Prayers To All { Michael J. Cadwell}
Michael James Cadwell
Plain Dealing, LA USA - 08/10/10 at 22:14:22 (EST)

My husband and I are big Roy and Dale fans. We put our memoribilia on display at the library and at the post office when Roy got a stamp. I really like Dale's book Angel Unaware. I think her greatest legacy was the help and hope she gave to all down syndrome kids. Her and Robin's legacy goes on even today.
Janet Hooper
Elyria, OH USA - 05/25/10 at 14:41:24 (EST)

They were great
Edward J. Velat
Lakewood, CO USA - 05/12/10 at 20:19:54 (EST)

Hello, Is it true that Trigger,Buttermilk,Trigger jr. and Bullet will be put up for auction in New York City this summer?!?! Even if it isnt, the closing and selling off of a true american icon is an embarassment. I've never been more mad at anything (except for 9/11) in my life.... Shame on the family,the IRS,and the supposed fans for letting this happen. I wrote to every western star, show, entertainer I could get an address too, and the Gene Autry Museum..... The best response I got was "were are aware of and are monitoring the situation...". How completely and utterly sad this is! If you want to see Roy Rogers memorabilia,there's always ebay.
Bob Scibana
Sylvania, OH USA - 03/13/10 at 00:35:06 (EST)

Your website is great!
Kitt Kolt
Drexel, MO USA - 02/05/10 at 20:20:00 (EST)

Buffalo Gal, I was glad to see your pictures from the closing of the museum. I'm sad that I couldn't come. I always enjoy your site. I liked seeing your picture with Dodie. I wish I could have met her and others of the Roger's family. Nelda
Nelda Rust
Waco, TX USA - 02/02/10 at 22:49:41 (EST)

Great site I enjoy it everytime I am here .Iam 70 years old and my idol is Roy Rogers forever.
Ted Whalen
Marion, IL USA - 10/24/09 at 14:07:40 (EST)

You have always been my hero,and will always be. I love you Roy,Dale, and Trigger.
Athea Snipes
Rincon, GA USA - 06/08/09 at 20:33:09 (EST)

Edward J. Velat
Edward Velat
Lakewood, CO USA - 01/12/09 at 18:22:11 (EST)

Happy New Year to you all pray that this year is better then last and that you all get closer to The Lord because he is comming soon. Love and prayers, Peggy from West Virgina.
Peggy Barnett
Shinnston , WV USA - 01/06/09 at 07:46:04 (EST)

Reading the book, The Answer Is God
Connie Smith
Cherokee, OK USA - 12/29/08 at 23:06:00 (EST)

Wonderful memories!
Vicki Krieg
Palm Beach Gardens, FL USA - 08/07/08 at 10:31:47 (EST)

I can't remember a weekend without watching a western on TV, but most love is when Roy Rogers was on. Just loved that Gabby Hayes(even my Dad got a kick out him). But most of all when Dale & Roy sang together, it always made the westerns special.
Patricia A. Aronson
Killingworth, CT USA - 07/27/08 at 08:15:50 (EST)

I saw Roy and Dale at the Nebraska State Fair. They were Awesome in my eyes of their singing with the humorous sidekick Pat Brady being chased by Nellybelle. What a show!!
Larry Lanning
Waverly, NE USA - 07/08/08 at 23:59:41 (EST)

Thanks for the Great web site.
Phil Nesbihal
Maricopa, AZ USA - 07/07/08 at 22:25:01 (EST)

I've been a fan of Roy and Dale since the 40's. I loved them very much and would have like to meet them. However, with me in Georgia and them in California, it didnt' happen. I did go to the 1999 Western Festival but didnt' get a chance to see Dale.
Barbara O'Kelly
McDonough, Ga USA - 07/04/08 at 13:02:04 (EST)

I never got to meet them, but watched them as a kid. I'm at 55 and will always love and what they did and stood for. God Bless.
Pleasanton, TX USA - 06/08/08 at 19:51:46 (EST)

My uncle knew Roy back in Ohio. I am 58 and Roy has always been a hero in my eyes. We need more people like Roy and Dale.
Steve Long
Corunna, IN USA - 04/01/08 at 18:36:50 (EST)

I have been a big fan of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans all my life. I'm 53 years old and remember all the Saturday morning shows, but more importantly what they stood for. One of my biggest regrets is that I didn't have a chance to meet them. Thank You for your www site. God Bless,
Paul Ackerman
Nazareth, PA USA - 03/06/08 at 21:23:21 (EST)

I've loved Roy and Dale forever. I went to a rodeo of theirs when I was a kid. Probably 50 years ago, in New York, at Madison Square Garden. Pat Brady and Nellybelle and the Sons of the Pioneers were there too. Their movies, TV show, their song Happy Trails To You, Trigger, Trigger Jr., and Bullet are all terrific memories for me and I wish that all of their movies, shows, and rodeos could be on TV or on DVD so that my son Jeff, his wife Alda, and Jeff's mom, Gma Terry, and our grangkids, Samantha and J.J. could watch them all. Happy trails to you, and to all of us and to Dale and Roy and all of theirs. Yo! and peace to us all. God Bless Us All!!
Bill Bacher, III
Port Jefferson Station, USA - 02/14/08 at 22:38:07 (EST)

Life long fan! Great website! We are Western Reeanactors with the Osage Valley Vigilantes. Do a lot of things with the museum. Our group maintains Roys guns at the Museum. Happy Trails!
Kitt & Katt Kolt
Drexel, MO USA - 02/09/08 at 17:16:27 (EST)

Very nice site! Roy and Dale were always my hero's. We visited the the museum two times in Victorville. We never meet them but I have all his movies. In 2007 we visited the Roy Rogers and Dale Chapel, and the grave yard of my heros. Also the director of the chapel give us a guided tour. Unforgettable for us!! So we'll always remember Roy and Dale. Real christian people. Thanks again.
Bep Vonk
Texel, NH The Netherlands - 01/05/08 at 08:49:54 (EST)

It has been over fifty years since my daddy's cousins Karl and Hugh introduced me to Mr Roy and Miss Dale. Oh, what a good world that was: one of cowboy honor, morals, truthfulness, and honesty. Thank you for making such a beautiful record for coming generations. Happy Trails to you, Ma'am, for your magnificant website contribution to that memory.
Tampa, FL USA - 01/02/08 at 23:19:26 (EST)

I really enjoyed the visit to your museum and your performance there.
Vance Brown
Falls Church, VA USA - 12/08/07 at 11:33:02 (EST)

Thank you again and again for the opportunity to view the pictures and enjoy the music of Happy Trails to You. Your website is a joy. I saw a picture you have on there with Dale fixing Roys bandana on his neck. Dale has red hair. I don't recall ever seeing her as a redhead. Hope your Thanksgiving was one filled with blessings. By any chance will you be at the museum in Branson for the New Year celebration? I hope to be there with my husband. We went this past New Year's and had a great time. Thanks again, your friend Lillian....I am Buckaroo on the RR-DE MB
Scotch Plains, NJ USA - 11/24/07 at 09:53:23 (EST)

I, also have been a Roy and Dale fan since the early 1940's. Thank you! I'm 75 years old.
John Mathias
Las Vegas, NV USA - 10/30/07 at 04:25:16 (EST)

Always been a Roy and Dale fan since the 1940's. Thanks for the site.
Roy Riggs
Greensboro, NC USA - 08/05/07 at 13:34:04 (EST)

Roy and Dale will always be remembered for the love they gave to all mankind and for the glorious and happy movies and songs that they gave to all. Thank you Roy and Dale, until we meet again on the other side of the clouds.
Bill Mitchell
Magalia, CA USA - 07/28/07 at 03:33:32 (EST)

Excellent job on this tribute website Buffalo Gal. I admire your dedication to keeping Roy and Dale's legacy alive. T.D.Kid
The Durango Kid
USA - 04/09/07 at 20:04:52 (EST)

I truly enjoyed this site, since Roy and Dale were my heros as a kid. I rode my Trigger in the 60's. Thanks so much!
David A. Hodges
Roanoke, Al USA - 03/28/07 at 21:55:20 (EST)

ROY and DALE arm my hero's. There will never be two people like them ever again. I miss them alot! I am 62 years old and I use to watch them on TV back in the 40's and the 50's, and there after. I still watch them today in reruns. I miss them alot as they were my heroes.
Tim West
Missouri City, TX USA - 11/07/06 at 22:46:07 (EST)

Love your tribute! When I was young I would ride my horse over to Roy and Dales Ranch in Big Bear. I remember his airplane, blue and white, would fly in to the airport and it was exiciting! I would get on bareback and ride over! Later on, they bought more land in Apple Valley and moved! Thanks for the Memories!
Karen Sorensen
Norco, CA USA - 09/04/06 at 14:24:13 (EST)

I like your RR and DE pages.
Lillie, LA USA - 08/02/06 at 21:05:26 (EST)

Enjoyed it a lot!
NYC, NY USA - 07/25/06 at 03:12:25 (EST)

What a Wonderful Tribute to Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, lovely Christian people. Happy Trails Everyone & God Bless.
Joyce & Bill Lindsay
Prescott, Ontario, Canada - 07/11/06 at 19:38:57 (EST)

Howdy Pardner, My husband and I really appreciate your website. You have a fabulous tribute to Roy Rogers and Dale Evans! Lots of interesting facts and stories are here. Some, we didn't know. We have you in our bookmarks so we can easily return to your website. CONGRADS for a fine job! Happy Trails,
Margaret & Joseph Bennett
Cheyenne, WY USA - 05/06/06 at 01:28:53 (EST)

Wow, this is a WONDERFUL TRIBUTE FOR ROY & DALE! I've been fans for over 60 years and their pureism is still so real in my mind. I met them once while attending church services with a friend who lived in California at the Church in the Valley. They were gracious to me and to my friend. It was a thrill to meet them, and outside of the movie/television spotlight. What a nice couple! I'll never forget that time, EVER! - Katie V.
Katlin Valencia
Washington, UT USA - 04/12/06 at 18:13:08 (EST)

You have a great site honoring Roy and Dale. I've enjoyed it and looking forward to seeing what you have enstore for the Sons page and Roy's entrepreneur's page. I've visited the chapel and Roy and Dale's graves. It is a peaceful place!
Terry Ann Call
Cheyenne, WY USA - 04/03/06 at 09:40:46 (EST)

I am so impressed with your website on Roy & Dale. Thanks for your tribute on them and their family. I've been a huge fan of theirs for many years. Happy Trails.
Joseph Whitmer
Pittsburg, PA USA - 02/13/06 at 20:15:33 (EST)

This is a wonderful tribute website for the King of the Cowboys and Queen of the West. God Bless You!
Janice Franklin
Yuma , AZ USA - 02/08/06 at 18:39:44 (EST)

Ever since I watch(ed) any movies or shows with Roy in it, I get so excited. I really like Roy and anything he did, especially in 'Son of Paleface'. I really like that movie with him in it. Anything with Roy Rogers on or in it gets me so excited that I hardly think of anything else!
Samantha Davy
Chadwick, MO USA - 02/06/06 at 13:09:29 (EST)

Very good sight.
John Shimon
Iowa City, IA USA - 11/06/05 at 11:41:58 (EST)

I used to watch them every day on TV, - a lovely Christian couple.
Bill Cowan
Toronto, ON Canada - 09/09/05 at 00:02:39 (EST)

Just got home from hospital after a rough evening. Your webite was very informative and enjoyable. Wonderful couple, Dale and Roy.
Candee Jo
La Mesa, AZ USA - 09/2/05 at 3:02:49 (EST)

Oh my, I liked Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. We used to play them as little ones. My brother went to school any studied in the US and met Roy and Dale by chance at museum in California years ago. I enjoyed your site much.
Jason O'Malley
Dublin, Ireland - 08/31/05 at 2:59:17 (EST)

DAHLONEGA, GA USA - 08/25/05 at 05:38:10 (EST)

We were at the 2nd Anniversary performance in Branson, and it was superb! Roy Rogers Jr has a wonderful baritone voice. I didn't know he could sing like that. We're not Roy Rogers Rider's Club Members, but we may have to become one. Dusty and his family are very nice. It was so gracious of him and his Highrider's Band to chat with us and sign autographs. This is a wondreful tribute to two "real icons".
Benny Johannison
Lake View, NY USA - 08/20/05 at 11:39:12 (EST)

I have been a Roy Rogers fan since the early 1980's when I lived in Las Vegas, NV and the local PBS station showed the Roy Rogers pictures on weekends. I was so glad to discover the long history of the Rogers family in promoting Christian and Family values. It's so good to have heroes that we really can look up to. God Bless you!
David D. Davis
Crescent Valley, NV USA - 08/20/05 at 23:15:49 (EST)

I love this website. My husband and I just returned from Branson and got to actually meet Dusty. What a delight. He was so friendly and down to earth. I loved the Roger's family.
Nelda Rust
Waco, Tx USA - 08/16/05 at 23:27:12 (EST)

Great website to honor the King of the Cowboys and Queen of the West.
J J Johnson
Weatherford, TX USA - 08/14/05 at 12:28:18 (EST)

Was looking up some things on the web and I found your webpage. So glad I did, because my parents were huge fans of Roy Rogers & Dale Evans. Lots of information I didn't know. Thanks!
Jose Fullerton
Agusta, ME USA - 08/012/05 at 07:052:14 (EST)

Very imformative website! Thank you for your website on Roy and Dale and the gang.
Gail Lewis
Denver, CO USA - 08/06/05 at 14:05:38 (EST)

Johnny Brown
Reno, NV USA - 08/04/05 at 17:29:50 (EST)

Howdy... Thanks so much for your website honoring a distant cousin of mine, Leonard Slye "Roy Rogers". From what my relatives tell me, he was the very best! He was a gentle and kind man, and never forgot where he came from. Dale saw to that. Together, they made a difference in the world. Wish the young people of today had heros like them to look up to. Thanks again! May God Bless You
Ken Slye
Duck Run, OH USA - 02/09/05 at 22:11:44 (EST)

April Johnson
Vale, OR USA - 08/11/04 at 16:21:53 (EST)

It would be an honorable thing for all of us to do what we can to continue the legacy of Roy and Dale. Thank you for your efforts to honor them. May your life be blessed today and always.
Jim Glennon
Speedway, IN USA - 08/09/04 at 00:38:54 (EST)

Am just getting use to this machine and found your website. Its great.
Jerry Hyatt
Newport, NC USA - 05/27/04 at 16:44:46 (EST)

Thanks for setting up this web-site. I have always enjoy Roy and Dale. I grew up with them in the movies and the TV. GOD BLESS ALL
Karen Mickey Cherry-King
St. Louis, MO USA - 05/21/04 at 10:32:20 (EST)

Joyce 'n Jerry Boyer
Akron, OH USA - 02/16/04 at 12:54:32 (EST)

Harrod, OH USA - 01/30/04 at 20:08:51 (EST)

Happy Trails Everyone, I to just drifted into this web site... GREAT . I met Roy and Dale several years ago, had a photo shoot with them and am so thankful for the guidence my whole family has received from knowing The King of the Cowboys and Dale.Thanks for a great site.
Jerry Jones
Fromberg, MT USA - 01/19/04 at 23:09:43 (EST)

Just found this website and am anxious to see more. Just now I need to order some of Roy and Dale's original music, see ya partner!
Nancy Wetzel
Livermore, KY USA - 12/15/03 at 17:42:02 (EST)

Just drifted in, and I like what you've done here. Roy and Dale were my favorite American cowboy and cowgirl of all time! Great website!
Susan Bailey
Oxford, England - 08/28/03 at 23:36:06 (EST)

This is a nice site to honor Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. My wife and I have always admired those two. They had alot of challenges in their life while they were here on earth. May they have peace now.
Ray Conner
Twin City, MN USA - 07/27/03 at 17:09:46 (EST)

I grew up in the days of the B-Western. I enjoy seeing websites about the cowboys and cowgirls of that era. You have chosen a great pair to honor. Roy and Dale are two of my favorites. I'm so glad I found this website. Thanks for sharing the love of them here on this website.
Jerry Bayless
Hollister, MO USA - 07/24/03 at 02:03:02 (EST)

Great site! It's a good job of honoring the King of the Cowboys and Queen of the West. I'll be back real soon.
Sally Hanson
Pleasant Hope, MO USA - 07/23/03 at 10:58:53 (EST)

Roy & Dale have been my Heros all of my Life. If I hadn't had them to Love and follow, I would have been lost. No brother or sisters. So at the age of 6 year old I adopted the entire ROY ROGERS Family as mine. The Lord Blessed my Life by allowing me to meet them. Also, all of their kids and Grand children and Great Grand kids. Your web site is a Very Good Tribute to My Heroes and extended Family. Thanks, and "HAPPY TRAILS PARDNERS"
Shirley Duke
Sherman, TX USA - 07/21/03 at 02:25:18 (EST)

What a nice site to visit. Roy and Dale were my heros too. It's a pleasure to see that there are so many fans still out there. You're lucky, in that you're close to the museum now. You've done a fine job!
Connie Whitson
Houston, TX USA - 07/20/03 at 22:08:52 (EST)

Hi, Your new Roy and Dale website is very nice, and it's alway interesting to visit a new website in connection with our western heros.
Many Happy Trails,
Tex Lavallee
St Chrysostome, Quebec, Canada - 07/14/03 at 12:46:44 (EST)

This is a Really nice site to Honor our King of the Cowboys & Queen of the West! I'll be adding the url for it to my other sites soon. You might want to watch our sites for Something New, a Surprise. We have a new addition to our family now!! God Bless, take care & we love you... Keep up the Great Work and Happy Trails~
Painted Pony
IL USA - 07/14/03 at 06:53:17 (EST)

How....dy All, Welcome to the Happy Trails Forever website!! We hope ya'll will enjoy it. They've been heros of mine throughour my lifetime. May I honor them with the respect they deserve! Again, WELCOME!!
Buffalo Gal - Happy Trails Forever
MO USA - 07/05/03 at 01:53:17 (EST)

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