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The wonderful legacy of Roy Rogers, "King of the Cowboys" and Dale Evans, "Queen of the West" will live on eternally, with all of us doin' our part. To me, they're 'western hero icons' that will live on in the hearts and memories of their many fans from 'round the world, and their remainin' family members. These two individuals made an impact on the 'baby boomers in my generation', more than any other two individuals. They will go down in history for bein' 'Great Humanitarians' and teachin' us right is right and wrong is wrong. They taught us wholesomeness, family values, and the like. They lived their daily lives just like what you saw on the big screen. "What ya saw, is what ya got"! What I'd give for the young people of today, to have wonderful heros like Roy & Dale to look up to! Let's do whatever it takes to keep the legacy of Roy Rogers, "King of the Cowboys" and Dale Evans, "Queen of the West" alive, for our future generations.

Roy & Dale's children are continuin' to preserve the legecay of ther famous parents in their own unique individual way. Roy and Dale would be so proud!! Their grandchildren and Great grandchildren are helpin' and doin' their part to keep the legacy of Roy Rogers, "King of the Cowboys" and Dale Evans, "Queen of the West" alive for future generations to enjoy!

Tom Fox was Dale Evans' son, by a previous marriage. He was in college when his mom and Roy married.

We lost Tom Fox June 16, 2012 at 1:15 pm. Some of his family were there, holding his hand as he passed this world and into he gates of his Heavenly Home.

"In Loving Memory"

Nov 28, 1927    -   May 16, 2012

II Timothy 4:7
    "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith"

Survived by: wife, Barbara Fox; daughters, Mindy Petersen and Candie Halberg of CO. and Julie Pomilia of CA.; stepsisters, Cheryl Rogers-Barnett of UT, Linda Johnson of CA, Dodie Patterson of AL, and Mimi Swift of CA; stepbrother, Roy Rogers Jr, of MO.; eight grandchildren; and 11 great-grandchildren.

Tom grew up lovin' music. Tom became a music teacher and was music directors at different schools and congregations. He was active in music and the faith community in the Sacramento, CA area for more than 30 years.

Tom Fox became a child of God at an early age. He lived with Dale's parents when he was young. In fact, it was Tom that helped his mom to start thinkin' 'bout 'her faith in the Lord' more seriously. He was very influential in bringin' Dale's belief in the Lord, back to the fore front.

He married a lovely girl named Barbara. They have three girls named Mindy, Candie and Julie, that have voices like angels. When their voices blend together, it sounds so heavenly. They had a trio called "Rogers Legacy" and performed Roy and Dale's music. They were very fortunate to be invited to sing at some terrific venues, including "Carnegie Hall" and "The Grand Ole Opry".

They don't perform together like they use to, as each of their lives have taken them down different trails. I hope they do get together some and perform on 'special occasions'.

Mindy Petersen had gone on to sing and record many of Dale's tunes on a solo basis. I fully believe things happen for a reason and Mindy is now fulfilling a lifelong dream of being a flight attendant. She's now able to visit her grandchildren whenever she likes. Mindy and her husband were living in the Kansas City, MO area, but with Jon's international speaking schedule and Mindy's work, they can live just about anywhere. They moved to Colorado to be closer to their children and the mountains. Awe, that reminds me of the girls singin' "Hazy Mountains", one of Dale's own songs and one of her personal favorites.

Mindy's solo CD, "Reflections Of Dale Evans: A Granddaughter's Tribute" is a collection of many songs Dale wrote herself.

Roy & Dale's Great grand-daughter Amy (Mindy & Jon's daughter) worked for former US Attorney General John Ashcroft for much of his administration. She handled his travel schedule and coordinated security arrangements for him ..... and set up a softball game between the Justice Department and the White House staff!

Another one of Roy & Dale's Great grand-daughters Sarah (Candie & Todd's daughter), graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in 2003. She was sent off to Vanderbilt University and received her master's degree in nursing management in 2005. Sarah then married her Academy sweetheart, Peter Cossette in December, 2005 at the Air Force Academy chapel (View her lovely picture below).

                                              Photo courtesy of Todd Halberg

Sarah Halberg - Cossette "Wedding Day"

Sarah sure has her parents good looks!! I have a feelin' that Great Grandma Dale and Great Grandpa Roy are lookin' down and smilin' on Sarah and all of her accomplishments thus far.

Sarah and Pete were stationed at Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho where Pete was an F-16 fighter pilot, but currently, they are staioned at Aviano Air Force Base in Italy. Sarah is the nurse-manager of the Flight Line Clinic and Pete is now Weapons Expert and F-16 pilot for the 555th Fighter Squadron.

Below is a photo capturin' their reunion after Pete's five months tour of duty in Korea. Yes, those are happy tears you see in Sarah's eyes.

                                                Photo courtesy prednisone of Todd Halberg

Candie and Todd's son Josh is transitioning from the mortgage industry into the nursing field, and just got back from visiting Pete and Sarah in Italy. Below is a photo of Sarah and Josh from their excursion to Venice (believe Pete's takin' this photo).

                                                  Photo courtesy of Todd Halberg

Dale's granddaughter Candie (Tom and Barbara's middle daughter) is the Music Teacher at a Colorado public elementary school, with a Master's Degree in Education and Curriculum.

Tom smf Barbara always put "God, Family and Country", Barbara resides in California near one of the girls, and her family, grandchildren and Great-grandchildren are very imporant in her life.

Barbara and the family are keepin' those family values and traditions that Roy & Dale held so dear.

Their eldest daughter, Cheryl Rogers - Barnett and her husband Larry continue the legacy of her famous parents!! They travel all over the USA in their RV and attend different festivals and venues; where they visit with many fans of Cheryl's famous parents. They reminisce of the 'good ole days' right along with the 'young at heart cowboys and cowgirls'. Many parents and grandparents bring the young uns' to learn of this magnificant duo who were wonderful examples to live by.

Cheryl has written two books, thus far. The first book; "Cowboy Princess, Life with My Parents Roy Rogers and Dale Evans". She tells her version of growin' up in the Rogers household. It tells the story of Cheryl's beloved parents from a point of view that is uniquely hers. It's filled with hilarious and touching stories of their relationship with each other and with their children and includes countless behind-the-scenes stories of Roy and Dale's movies, television appearances, and music. Leavening the warm and illuminating stories and memories are dozens of rare photographs -- family snapshots, studio portraits, behind-the-scenes stills -- most of which have never been published in a book and many of which have never been published anywhere. For fans of the King of the Cowboys and the Queen of the West -- and for anyone interested in the great performers of yesteryear -- this book provides an up close and personal introduction to Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, their family, and the many colorful characters who rode beside them on those happy, happy trails.

Larry, we are deeply grateful that you and Dale urged Cheryl to finally record her thoughts in this fabulous book.!! We're lookin' forward to book number two 'bout Roy and Dale soon!

Cheryl has co-authored a fabulous grillin' cookbook, "The All-American Cowboy Grill" cookbook, along with Jim Clark and Ken Beck. It's a wonderful cookbook with lots of tastey recipes.

The All-American Cowboy Grill blazes a new trail through the Old West as it partners savory recipes from American cowboys and cowgirls of movie, TV, rodeo, and music fame with dozens of photos and sidebars of related interest. It's a must have cookbook!

They are workin' with Paramount Studios to help preserve the classic western movies of yesteryear. It's a tough and expensive experience, but a lovin' tribute to those who rode those dusty trails in the wonderful movies that many of us still enjoy watchin' today. We greatfully thank you for your efforts!!

Cheryl's active in many projects and charities like her mom Dale was. She's also on the board committee for the 'Golden Boot Awards and on the board of 'Jim and Beverly's Museum of Lone Pine Film History'.

We, the fans, thank you Cheryl and Larry for all you're doin' to carry on the legacy of your wonderful dad and mom, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, the "King of the Cowboys" and "Queen of the West"!! Check out Cheryl's website at Cheryl Rogers.com. You may contact her to order her books.

Linda Lou (Roy & Arline's natural daughter) Rogers was born 'bout three years after Roy and Arline got Cheryl from the Hope Cottage in Dallas, TX.

She grew up to become a minister's wife. Linda Lou lives in California. She was married to her loving husband Gary E. Johnson for fourty-seven years. The Lord knew it was time for Gary to come on home, so..............

"In Loving Memory"

Nov 2, 1939    --   Jan 10, 2008

II Timothy 4:7
    "I prednisone have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith"

January 10, 2008, Gary did leave this earth and go home to be with his Lord & Saviour.

He had married the "love of his life and high school sweetheart"; Linda Rogers in 1960 and the couple lived in Southern California for a number of years. Gary worked in the grocery business until 1975 when he "answered the call to preach", went into the ministry, and never looked back. Linda & Gary pastored churches in Hawaiian Gardens, Bakersfield, CA and retired from Orange Cove Free Will Baptist Church.

He left behind his wife Linda, Son, Rob and wife, Linda, and daughter, Sherry, and husband, John; sisters, Mayola, and Aileen; brothers, Ernest and wife, Judy, and Jim and wife, Anne; grandchildren, Jolene, Kristen, Jonathan, Cassie, Chrysti, John and Jim; and 8 great-grandchildren.

We were deeply saddened when we learned of Gary's passin'. He was truly a "Man of God" in every since of the word and will be missed by his family, his extended family, friends and aquaintances and many who never met him, but knew of him! Buffalo Jim and I will forever be greatful for the out-pouring love and concern these wonderful folks had for our family. We are so glad we had the chance to finally meet Linda and Gary Johnson in person 'fore the Lord took Gary to Heaven!

To Linda and Family:
He Will see you through the rough days. Please know there are many who love you and keep y'all in their prayers daily!! Linda, you have such an angelic voice! Ah, we are very thankful our Lord & Saviour brought Gary and you in our lives for a reason!!

I know you will continue to do "God's Will" and what you know is your duty as a Christian. May God Bless You!!

The Lord surely blessed their wonderful family, even though they had many challenges through the years themselves!

I know from personal experience how wonderful these two special people are. They helped me and my family personally with some trials and tribulations we had concernin' elderly parents. They had special prayer with us over the phone many times! We truly appreciated Gary and now Linda Lou for the prayers that were said on behalf for our family from them personally and their church family.

These two were very special to their congregations there in California! Linda would sing special music from time to time, celebratin' her love of her Lord for their church family. She still sings at weddings and special occasions. While on earth, Gary visited all the sick and elderly in their church and had a great sermon each Sunday mornin'. They were a fine christian couple and wonderful witnesses for their Lord! Gary's rejoicing with his Almighty God, on High!!

Linda and Gary together always had a humorous way 'bout them! We pray our Lord Jesus will contunue to console Linda and her family. He'll be right there for her as she misses and still grieves for the "love of her life". They shared fourty-seven beautiful years together with God's Blessings, and now Gary has joined others within his family in his Heavenly Home!

We ask all of you that may be readin' this will please stop and say a heartfelt prayer or have a few moments of silence for a "Fine Man of God"!!

Their son Rob Johbson and his lovely wife Linda live in the Nashville area permanently. They are writin' music for 'Word Publishing' (a division of "Word Entertainment". It was founded in 1951 as Word Records, Word Entertainment is a pioneer of contemporary Christian music, a genre considered among the fastest growing in the music industry. Today, Word Entertainment is a multi-faceted company known for innovative product development and marketing, as well as strategic distribution of music and videos. Encompassing Word Label Group, Word Publishing, Word Music and Word Distribution, Word Entertainment is one of the great success stories of the contemporary Christian music industry).

They use to have their own group, "Rob Johnson & Heritage". Rob and Linda have great harmony together and wonderful voices!! I love to hear Rob and Linda sing together! Sis (Shirley Duke) as I call her, my husband Jim and I was fortunate enough to have a 'private concert' given by them in the lobby of the hotel in Portsmouth, OH a few years back. Rob and Linda sang a few songs for us. I recall hearin' this one song he had sung for his Grandma Dale at Big Bear, CA a few years earlier. It's entitled, "For Those Less Fortunate Than I". As Rob sang it, it brought tears to my eyes. I closed my eyes and could visualize Rob singin' this song to his Grandma Dale. What impact the words made on my heart!! I fully appreciate and understand why Dale loved to hear him sing that song! It's become one of my very favorites! Towards the end of our mini-concert, the lobby was full of people, and Roy and Dale fans! We were in Portsmouth, OH for the *Roy Rogers Festival* they have there each year.

As you can tell, Linda Lou and her family has followed the life God called them to do. Linda Lou brought the Christian Values that her mom and dad taught her, into her marriage. Linda keeps carryin' on the legacy of Roy & Dale in her unique and special way! "Gary, the folks here on earth miss ya dearly, but one day, we'll be reunited again by our Loving Father." "Linda, May God continue to Bless You and your family that's remainin'!! Please know we Love Ya" and are keepin' y'all in our prayers" Roy and Dale have to be lookin' down and smilin' at their huge family as they watch them all succeed in their indiviual lives.

Dusty Rogers book, "Growin' Up with Roy and Dale" was published in 1986. It's from Dusty's own and personal point of view. It's the story of his life with his siblings and his parents, Roy Rogers, "King of the Cowboys" and Dale Evans, Queen of the West". Dusty tells us of heartwarmin', and funny stories of his dad and mom and their relationship with each other and with their children; especially the children! It's a straight forward book of his feelin's of sharin' Roy and Dale with 'the rest of us kids' and not havin' them at home alot. There are stories of the tragedies their family indured, and yet, the Lord saw them through them all. A must read book, if you haven't read it! You'll feel like you were right there with them all, as a child of our heros.

Please check the Roy Rogers Gift Shop, to see if there are still copies available of "Growing Up with Roy & Dale".

When Roy passed away in July 1998, the many visitors to the museum declined. People past on by, drivin' onto Las Vegas, NV instead of makin' that exit off the highway to the museum.

Dusty was in charge of the museum, and he was concerned that his parent's museum would have to close it's doors, because of the lack of visitors. There was alot of his mom and dad's history in their museum and where would it all go, if it closed down!

The fall of 1998, Dusty, along with Dale was invited to appear at a western festival in the midwest. After tourin' the area and noticin' the incredible Christian values comin' from the area, Dale mentioned to Dusty "if the museum ever had to move, this is the place to move it to".

Dale's health continued to declined, and in February 2001, she went home to be with the Lord and her beloved Roy.

The visitors to the museum continued to decrease since both Roy and Dale were not there anymore to greet and visit with their many fans.

In the back of his mind, Dusty kept thinkin' of what his mom had said 'bout Branson, MO, "if the museum ever had to move, this is the place to move it to". After lots of prayin' to the Lord, talkin' with Mom and Dad at Sunset Hills (their restin' place), the Roy Rogers - Dale Evans Museum Board of Directors voted to move the museum. He contacted the right people in Branson, and with that thought; August 3, 2002, the new *Roy Rogers - Dale Evans Museum & Happy Trails Theatre* broke ground at it's new location in Branson, MO.

Dustin Roy Rogers (Dusty's son) and his wife Julie, and their son Tyler Roy moved to Branson, MO in October 2002, to head up the contruction and supervision of the buildin' of the new museum and theatre.

After 11 long months, the Roy Rogers - Dale Evans Museum & Happy Trails Theatre opened the doors to the new place June 20, 2003. What a grand openin' it was! Roy and Dale fans from all over the world, overflowed the buildin' with lots of love and excitement to be there to help celebrate the lives of their famous heros, Roy Rogers & Dale Evans!

That was over nine years ago. The difference in the amount of visitors to Branson, MO and California; at the time, you could not compare them! So many visitors traveled to Branson, MO each year (over 5 million visitors). Alot of Roy and Dale's many fans couldn't travel all that way to Victorville, CA, but havin' the museum right dab in the middle of the USA, it was more feasable.

Sadly, the bad enonomy and other situations forced the Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Museum & Happuy Trails Theatre to close December 12, 2009.

Dusty and his new band, have a show five days a week in the RFD Theatre in Branson. For information on the show and how to order tickets, please go to www.rfdtvthetheatre.com.

Please visit the official website of Roy & Dale at www.royrogers.com website

In 1998, the first annual *Roy Rogers - Dale Evans Western Film Festival* was started to raise funds for the 'Cooper Home' in Apple Valley, CA (a Roy Rogers and Dale Evans charity). That was fourteen years ago.

In 2006, the *9th Annual Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Western Film Festival* moved to the beautiful and historic Apple Valley Inn, formerly known as the Roy Rogers Apple Valley Inn, February 18 & 19, 2006.

Proceeds from this popular annual event benefited the abused children served by the Happy Trails Children's Foundation. The Apple Valley Inn is located at 20601 Highway 18, also known as Happy Trails Highway at the intersection with Dale Evans Parkway in Apple Valley, CA. Altough this annual event is no longer goin' on, there are other events held that benefit the Cooper Home. Let us continue to do our part.

The Historical Apple Valley Inn", in it's heyday.

Ray White's Book

The Popular Press, A Ray and Pat Browne Book

2005 Belmont Book Award Winner (for the best book in country music).

This career biography is the definitive source on two American icons.

Mr. White presents a wealth of new, carefully organized, and highly readable information; the largest source I have seen yet on the professional careers of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. A detailed narrative is accompanied by thorough reference materials that point fans to recordings, videos, comics, and memorabilia". Gary A. Yoggy, author of "Riding the Video Range: The nizagara Rise and Fall of the Western on Television".

For more than sixty years, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans personified the romantic, mythic West that America continued to cherish well into the modern age. Blazing a trail through every branch of the entertainment industry-radio, film, recordings, television, and even comic books-the couple capitalized on their attractive personas and appealed to the nation's belief in family values, an independent spirit, and community.

Ray presents these two celebrities in the most comprehensive and inclusive account to date. Part narrative, part reference, this impeccably researched survey spans the entire scope of Rogers's and Evans's careers, illuminating their place in twentieth-century American popular culture. Following the pair through each stage of their professional and personal trajectory, Mr. White explores the unique alchemy of the singing cowboy and his free-spirited partner. In a dual biography, he shows how Rogers and Evans carefully husbanded their public image and of particular note incorporated their Christian faith into their performances. And in a series of authoritative appendixes, he documents their contributions to each medium they worked in. Testifying to both the breadth and the longevity of their careers, the book includes radio logs, discographies, filmographies, and comicographies that will delight historians and collectors alike. With its engaging tone and meticulous research, "King of the Cowboys, Queen of the West: Roy Rogers, Dale Evans" is bound to become the definitive source on the lives of these two great American icons. "King of the Cowboys, Queen of the West: Roy Rogers and Dale Evans", won the Belmont Book Award in September of 2005. He has also published essays on Roy and Dale and low-budget westerns in several books dealing with American popular culture. He has written articles for Western Horseman, American Cowboy, The Horseman's Pro-Am News, Favorite Westerns, Indiana Libraries, The History Teacher, Progressive Farmer, and the Southwestern Historical Quarterly. His first book, "Fifty Years of Beneficence: The Ball State University Foundation", 1951-2001, appeared in print in 2001.

"King of the Cowboys, Queen of the West: Roy Rogers and Dale Evans" is now in paperback edition. It's cost, $29.95, more affordable than the hardcover edition.

To Order Directly by Mail:
Customer Service Department
The University of Wisconsin Press
c/o Chicago Distribution Center
11030 S. Langley Ave.
Chicago, IL 60628

Order By Phone:
Call 773-702-7000 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday. (This is a number in Chicago, Illinois, in the USA.)

Don Cusic, noted authority and author on country music says, "The wealth of information uncovered by Ray White is simply astounding. It is a lifelong passion and work that leads a scholar to study performers this thoroughly. Ray White's work demonstrates that not only were Roy Rogers and Dale Evans great entertainers and heroes to a generation of youngsters, but also are worthy subjects of scholarship because of the depth and breath of their work. Email Ray.

Roy Rogers & Dale Evans are true American legends, beloved and admired by millions of people. They were top box-office attractions in dozens of movies from 1938 to 1951 and stars of their own TV show into the 1960s. Their fame as the most famous cowboy and cowgirl continue even today.
Together, this husband and wife team struggled through a series of incredible highs and devastating lows. Depending greatly on their faith in Jesus Christ, they managed to become symbols of an America brimming with promise and hope, and of a time when the good guys always wore white hats.
Now, in this new biography, named for their first feature film as a pair, the Rogers family shares their memories of Roy and Dale's careers, personal lives, and uncompromising faith. this book includes 50 previously unpublished photographs.

Howard Kazanjian is an award-winnin' producer and entertainment executive who has been producin' feature films and television programs for more than tewnty-five years.While vice-president of production for Lucusfilm Ltd., he produced two of the highest grossin' films of all time; "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and
"Star Wars: Return of the Jedi". He also managed production of "The Empire Strikes Back".

Chris Enss is an author, scriptwrter, and comedienne who has written for television and film, and performed on cruise ships and on stage. She co-wrote and voiced one minute vignettes on gold rush history for KNOC radio in Grass Valley, CA and produced an audio tape 'bout the Yuba Donner Scenic Byway for the Tahoe National Forest. Email Chris

Dale Evans Rogers wrote many heartwarmin' and inspirin' books of life, love for her family and God. Roy and Dale's Legacy will live on through the writin's of Dale's many books. Right below is a list of Dale Evans - Rogers books.

The famous Dale Evans Rogers book above, is the first of twenty-eight books that Dale wrote.

  1. Angel Unaware - 1953
  2. My Spiritual Diary - 1955
  3. Prayers for Children - 1956
  4. To My Son, Faith in Our House - 1957
  5. Christmas Is Always - 1958
  6. No Two Ways About It - 1963
  7. Dearest Debbie -1965
  8. Time out Ladies - 1966
  9. Salute to Sandy - 1967
10. God Has the Answers - 1969
11. The Woman at the Well - 1970
12. Dale: My Personal Picture Album - 1971
13. Cool It or Lose It - 1972
14. Where He Leads - 1974
15. Let Freedom Ring - 1975
16. Trials, Tears and Triumph - 1977
17. Hear the Children Crying: The Child Abuse Epidemic -      1978
18. Women - 1980
19. Happy Trails: Our Life Story
20. Let Us Love - 1982
21. Grandparents Can - 1983
22. God in the Hard Times - 1984
23. The Home Stetch - 1986
24. Only One Star - 1988
25. In the Hands of the Potter - 1994
26. Say Yes to Tomorrow - 1994
27. Our Values - 1997
28. Rainbow on a Hard Trail -1999

The followin' are multible books and or writin's from Dale Evans Rogers.

*Angel Unaware, Dearest Debbie, Salute to Sandy: Three  Best Sellers Complete in One Volume - 1953, 1965, 1967.

*Finding the Way: Selections from the Writings of Dale  Evans Rogers - 1973

*Life Is a Blessing: A Heartfelt Collection of Three  Bestselling Works Complete in One Volume - 2000.

**Roy Rogers has written in some of these books along with Dale Evans Rogers. Both Roy and Dale have written forewards in many other books.

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Happy Trails Forever,
~ Buffalo Gal ~

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