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 Happy Trails Forever  

This website was created to honor the #1 western couple of all time! You guessed it pardners! It's all 'bout Roy Rogers, "King of the Cowboys" & Dale Evans, "Queen of the West".

I've given the site a brand new look. I do believe Roy and Dale would enjoy it after 9 years looking the same. I'm in the process of brnging the pages tp to date. Hope ya enjoy your visit!

Our web link is


Please make note of this.

See the updates on
       Roy & Dale On TV
                  (Movie n TV Listin's for March 15-28, 2013)
If you're a Roy & Dale fan, you'll enjoy all of the pages. They're very imformative and interestin'.

I believe in "God, Family and Country", just like our western heros, *Roy Rogers* and *Dale Evans*!! I want to show my love and admiration; my respect and honor for them and their family here on these pages.

We've been on the www since July 5, 2003

Roy Rogers & Dale Evans were my childhood heros, like many of you. Today, they still are my heros!! Their family values, with their love for God, Family and Country reigns, still in the hearts of so many of their many fans, throughout the globe. Their Christian testimony shown through in their wholesome entertainment of "children of all ages".

Many years ago in one of their appearences at Madison Square Gardens in New York City, they almost did not go on because the organizers wanted them to take out their religious music. Roy & Dale stood firm in their beliefs. Guess what folks! Roy and Dale DID GO ON with 'the show'!!

"Food For Thought"
**Faith is the source of my power,
Knowledge is my weapon,
and Truth is my salvation.**

Roy & Dale loved all children. Still today, youngsters from all over the world, love and admire 'the heros' of my generation. Let's all continue to tell our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren 'bout this wonderful western cowboy and his bride!! This "young at heart youngster" will continue to help carry on the legacy of the **King of the Cowboys** and **Queen of the West**, in whatever way I can!!

If ya have questions 'bout anythin', or just want to email me, please do


If ya enjoy this website for our heros, I have tribute pages for them at the followin' website.

 See ya down the trail pardners! 

  Remember Our Veterans!!

So long, Good Luck
May the Good Lord take a likin' to ya,
~ Buffalo Gal ~

Website Design & Maintenance by
~Buffalo Gal~

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